Sonoco boosts sustainability credentials by joining INCPEN

Sonoco Europe has become a member of the Industry Council for Packaging & the Environment (INCPEN). The company says this represents an important step in it’s ongoing effort to further develop its sustainability and corporate social responsibility credentials – and to help promote environmental awareness and decisive action in the wider packaging industry.

“We’re delighted to have been accepted into INCPEN’s membership scheme,” said Se├án Cairns, Division Vice President and General Manager at Sonoco Consumer Products Europe. “It’s an invaluable organisation, dedicated to helping the packaging industry develop a better understanding of the role packaging plays in the environment. This collaboration with INCPEN and its other members is part of our global vision to establish a comprehensive roadmap for a sustainable and circular economy. It also ensures that Sonoco will continue to making a meaningful impact in the recycling sector. We believe sustainability is more than just a noble goal or claim – it’s an opportunity to further improve our products and services while helping our customers make a significant contribution to a sustainable future.”

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