Solving packaging data management challenges with ecoview platform

Packaging data specialist, ecoveritas, is set to unveil its new online analysis and reporting tool, ecoview, later this month.

It is a comprehensive digital platform that provides users with complete transparency and accessibility to their packaging data at a granular level and offers brands and retailers a detailed breakdown of their packaging supply chain.

In the past, compliance schemes and EPR data services have only been required to perform one task – complete submissions in an accurate and timely fashion so that data stands up to audit from governing bodies and the correct fees are being paid. In more recent years, the environmental landscape has shifted considerably for producers of packaged goods, highlighting the problems of a plastic packaging linear economy.

New requirements for businesses have emerged meaning more responsibility, accountability and activity around packaging metric data. This has presented many companies with the challenge of establishing quality packaging data resources which can be accessed through a central mechanism. Even if they do have data, the task to maintain, ensure quality and interrogate the data requires skilled ongoing resource. As a result, ecoveritas has developed the ecoview tool to maximise the value of packaging data for external and internal stakeholders.

ecoview focuses on the global picture and has been specially designed to be flexible and provide in-depth analysis and reporting that will add value to users’ wider sustainability objectives.

Not only does ecoview give great packaging supply chain transparency but, on a practical level, it eliminates the need for dozens of Excel spreadsheets and puts all the data in one place, ready to access at any time. Users can select any graphs or tables they need to create presentations and reports quickly and easily and simply bookmark specific data that they may need to refer to more frequently.

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