SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS joins 4evergreen alliance

SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS has recently joined the 4evergreen alliance, an association of more than 60 companies along the entire value chain of fibre-based packaging with the common goal of increasing its use to over 90% by 2030.

 “At Solidus Solutions, circularity is at the heart of ​the business,” said Jesse Rep, Head of Sustainability, Solidus Solutions.​ “We ensure that renewable fibres can continue their lifecycle in the form of solid board that can be recycled at scale at its end. Therefore, we are excited to join the 4evergreen alliance to further strengthen sustainability and fibre circularity. We support the 4evergreen mission to increase the fibre lifecycle in the packaging value chain, removing the dependency on fresh fibres and reducing waste streams. It’s great to have ​this cross-sector platform to enable increased collaboration. We look forward to supporting ​the alliance with our 150+ years of ​circularity expertise.”

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