solidplate|alu is new from Marbach

Marbach has recently launched an aluminium version of its popular solidplate tool – solidplate|alu.

This special die-board is impressive due to its dimensional stability and low weight. The solidplate|alu demonstrates its advantages especially with large folding box formats.

The solidplate|alu consists of 3 layers: two aluminium cover plates enclose a centre layer of secondary material (solidplate core) from above and below. This special material combination ensures high (dimensional) stability and low weight.

When die-cutting, precision is of the essence, especially for large formats. The larger the tool, the greater the effect of the smallest dimensional tolerances. Tool weight is also a factor that should not be underestimated.

The solidplate|alu is a dimensionally stable die-board that is characterised by its good hygroscopic properties, an optimal register to steel counter plate and durability, as well as the possibility of a high number of reknifings. In addition, the ejector rubber on the solidplate|alu can be replaced easily thanks to the existing metallic cover plate.

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