Solema launches Service Pack

Solema has launched Service Pack, a customer care deal that includes preventative maintenance to help reduce the costs associated with expensive emergency repairs of machines.

It is a new type of after-sales assistance, dedicated to new or established customers, designed to ensure the perfect functioning of the machines by preventing repair costs due to sudden failures or malfunctions, with a considerable saving of money and time.

The program includes:

  • ‘Site Manager’ – a technological but easy-to-use device, installed on every Solema machine, that can be connected remotely for service and maintenance. Site Manager allows users to check in real time what happened to a machine that has suffered a failure.
  • ‘Remote Service Tool’ – a universal portable case that can be connected to machines, that also contains a Site Manager. Remote Service Tool is equipped with a webcam with micro SD through which Solema technicians can carefully monitor the machine and the related problems in direct dialogue with the technical department of the company where the machine is installed. Also included are interactive glasses that make the monitoring of machines when the operator wears them, as they provide a shared screen with Solema technicians.


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