Software Driving Efficiency for Barton Jones

Graham Dickinson, Managing Director, Abaca Systems, has confirmed the company recently rolled out its Packaging 3000 Suite at Hertfordshire, UK-based Barton Jones Packaging Ltd.

“The team at Barton Jones has really hit the ground running and utilising the system well,” explains Dickinson. “This is a big investment for them and we know that the business intelligence it will provide the owners and their management team will result in not only growth in their business, but also a rapid return on investment. The Packaging 3000 suite is a complete solution to bring together all areas of your business within a single software package. Integration ensures data is only entered once, helping to improve efficiency and reduce errors. The consistent look and feel of each area of the software helps users to learn and gain confidence more easily than if operating different packages for different tasks. This fully integrated system allows authorised users access to current, meaningful information.”

“The need for new software was to support efficiency as we scale up operations,” adds Justin Burrell, Managing Director, Barton Jones. “The demand for e-commerce packaging continues to rise and as a specialist packaging provider, we are focused on fulfilling current and future customer requirements. Business growth is dependent on increasing efficiency across operations and providing the best service for customers and this led us to invest in Abaca’s Packaging 3000.”

Burrell concludes, “By automatically collecting and collating accurate data, the system also supports our requirement to comply with industry regulations, including our annual packaging waste report. With sustainability a priority, this is a valuable resource. So far, we have been really impressed with the Abaca solution, and it is allowing us to maximise the efficiencies of the factory, especially with the recent installation of some key pieces of converting equipment.”


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