Smurfit Kappa is ‘Vegan Certified’

The Vegan Society have been helping individuals identify plant-based products since 1990. In recent weeks, Smurfit Kappa has become one of the first packaging companies to become vegan certified.

Smurfit Kappa claims no other packaging companies are registered with the Vegan Trademark and it has been made possible for Smurfit Kappa thanks to the Markham Vale site in the UK, with packaging produced using corrugated solutions, which are both vegan and environmentally friendly.

All products with the Vegan Trademark are produced using paper, glue, starch and inks which are all sourced from eco-conscious suppliers and free from animal products. They supply a wide range of vegan-approved packaging options, which are suitable for many products including fashion, cosmetics, food, drinks and more.

Many businesses are working hard to produce products which are vegan certified by The Vegan Society, but then packaging them in boxes and bags which don’t follow the same guidelines. Now, Smurfit Kappa can offer the opportunity to have vegan certified packaging to match vegan certified products.

Mark Robinson, Senior Business Development Manager, Smurfit Kappa Markham Vale, said, “At Smurfit Kappa, we pride ourselves on providing innovative and sustainable packaging. We are thrilled to be the first packaging company to be recognised as Vegan Society Certified. This accreditation will give reassurances to customers with a preference for vegan products that all components of our finished products are cruelty-free and not from animal origin.”

Ericka Durgahee, Business Development Marketing Manager, The Vegan Society, added, “Announcing our partnership with Smurfit Kappa couldn’t have come at a better time. Not only are they the first packaging company to register products with us, but they are also the 60,000th product to hold the Vegan Trademark. We’ve come a long way since we registered our first product in 1990.”

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