Smurfit Kappa invests in Hexacomb in UK market

Smurfit Kappa has made an investment in cutting-edge machinery for its UK Hexacomb offering. The machinery is dedicated to enhancing Hexacomb packaging with the versatility to cut and score material up to 45mm in thickness, producing a variety of sustainable solutions that can be customised across a diverse range of sectors and applications.

Collaboration between Smurfit Kappa Holland and Smurfit Kappa UK means the company are set to introduce an innovative, eco-friendly protective product that will benefit the UK market. Customers can enjoy reduced shipping costs, a smaller carbon footprint, and the confidence that comes from knowing their products are well-protected during transportation, thanks to the material’s high strength to weight ratio and shock-absorption properties.

Furthermore, Hexacomb is designed with customer convenience in mind. Its ease of handling makes packing and loading quicker and more efficient, saving precious labour time and associated costs. Additionally, Hexacomb eliminates the need for export certification, simplifying the shipping process for customers. As a sustainable alternative to expanded polystyrene, Hexacomb ensures a reliable and eco-friendly packaging solution that won’t crumble, shed, or harm the environment.

Previously, only larger runs of Hexacomb packaging were possible from the Netherlands, limiting Smurfit Kappa’s UK offering. This investment enables shorter-run orders in the UK, bringing Smurfit Kappa closer to customer needs and fostering sustainable packaging solutions.

With a 2270 x 3200mm cutting area, split bed for dual 1600 x 2270mm zones, and a v score tool for corner join integrity, this advanced flexibility facilitates accurate cutting, eliminating the need for costly cutting tools.

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