Six colour Cuir for Atlas

Barnstaple, UK-based Atlas Packaging has confirmed a major investment of over £1.75 million in a six colour Cuir Rotaflexo printing machine. The company says it will allow greater flexibility in the production of printed packaging solutions. This Cuir machine is equipped with interchangeable anilox rollers and is equipped with Infrared and UV dryers.

Cuir for Atlas

Jason Sharman, Managing Director at Atlas Packaging said, “We are excited to announce the new Cuir machine; it will provide greater creative control for our customers and allow Atlas Packaging to be more precise with flexographic printing. The advanced machine offers an array of finishes and coatings; from water based varnishes to high gloss UV. Cuir has the ability to produce high quality flexo-print that will challenge alternative printing processes usually associated with high quality packaging. We have had a very exciting month, firstly opening our new warehouse and now revealing our newest machine which will enhance the capabilities of Atlas Packaging further than ever before.”

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