SISTRADE at drupa

SISTRADE is using drupa to unveil its latest software solution, emphasising the fundamental importance of process definition in the printing industry, but also highlights its integration with Industry 5.0 principles.

IN Hall 7A/A02, Sistrade will showcase the new features of version 12.15, highlighting a new concept for packaging and label converting, the technical data sheet (TDS) feature developed from scratch for this sector to allow quick definition of products based on their production process flow with all the technical details. The Technical Data Sheets consider all relevant technical details for an efficient product life cycle, including detailed information such as rewinding direction, die-cutting application, additional materials and more. Having a Technical Data Sheets with well-defined technical details translates into a well-prepared and fully integrated production process, where complete traceability of the final product is achieved, involving all stages of its design and production.

By establishing clear and well-defined processes, printing companies can optimise their workflows, minimise errors, and maximise productivity. Every step of the process, from order receipt to final delivery of the printed product, is meticulously planned and documented to ensure high-quality results at all times.

Through the alignment of process definition with Industry 5.0 principles, Sistrade says it enables printing companies to remain at the forefront, adjust to shifting market demands, and flourish within a progressively digital and interconnected manufacturing environment.

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