Sipack Open House for 25th anniversary​​​​​​​

SIPACK was established by the Pacioni family 25 years ago. In July, Sipack is celebrating the anniversary year with its staff, customers, and suppliers that continue to believe in its technology and service, by hosting a two day open house on 9th and 10th.

“It is important to celebrate this year, even during this pandemic period,” says Walter Pacioni, CEO. “The last 18 months or so have seriously impacted on all sectors of industry, but the company has kept standards high and we have improved our production plant, increasing the assembly area. Focused technology and service are the principles of our long-term vision.”

He concludes, “Over the years, close collaboration and technological innovation has allowed us to meet our customers’ needs, through the design of a reliable, flexible, high performance and quality machinery.”


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