SinaLite invests in Canada’s first 41” Scodix press

Scodix has confirmed that SinaLite has invested in a Scodix Ultra 6000 Digital Enhancement Press, the first 41” Scodix system to go into Canada.

SinaLite, a trade-only printer, has stated that the productivity of the system and the consequent economies of scale are key drivers behind the decision. Established 23 years ago, SinaLite started as a small business with a single-color offset press. Today, the business is still family-run, but prints from a 100,000 sq ft facility, with offices in Dublin, Ohio as well as the Greater Toronto Area. With a Web-2-Print business model, SinaLite prints a huge variety of products from business cards, stationery, promotional products, corrugated boxes, labels, custom apparel, large format print, signage, and prototyping. Flexibility and productivity are essential to the business.

“Having dipped a toe into the world of enhancement, we were looking to step up to a professional, heavyweight solution to suit the size of our business,” says Mike Meshkati, President, SinaLite, “We’re one of the largest trade-only printers in North America with work coming in from over 20,000 customers, and with offices in the USA now as well as Canada, so we need productive, cost effective solutions such as the Scodix Ultra 6000.”

Scodix Web2Print software streamlines production and works seamlessly in the barcode-driven environment SinaLite operates in. This improves throughput, accuracy and reduces make-ready time, plus also supporting SinaLite in providing quotations that are more economic and predictable.

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