Simple blanking with the Marbach lightblanker

In addition to die-cutting and stripping tools, Marbach also produces blanking tools.

In the blanking process, individual packaging blanks are separated from each other after the die-cutting or stripping process. This process can be done manually or mechanically. Mechanical blanking has many advantages, making the use of a blanking tool profitable even for simple layouts and short runs.

Bernhard Reisser, Industry Manager for Paperboard, Marbach Group, explains, “The lightblanker offers an easy entry point into machine blanking. This modular blanking tool is impressive with regard to its flexibility. It consists of a base frame that is installed in the die-cutting machine and a job-specific separating grid that can be quickly and easily exchanged for each new job. With the lightblanker, it makes sense to separate blanks by machine for every job.”

Due to its low weight and quick-release fastener, the lightblanker can be installed and converted by a single person in just a few steps. Changing over to sheet delivery also needs little time. In addition, the lightblanker is a comparatively inexpensive tool that still allows the user to benefit from the advantages of mechanical blanking. All this makes blanking with the lightblanker profitable even for short runs and simple layouts, since the tool costs are quickly amortized.

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