Simca 3020-3200 for Bretschneider Verpackungen

Alex Steinmüller of SCS GmbH has confirmed the company has recently sold and installed a Simca 3020-3200 at Bretschneider Verpackungen GmbH in Eibenstock, Germany.

“We were founded in 1829, starting originally as a papermill,” states Ulrike Seidel, granddaughter of the founder. “Over the years, we switched our business more and more into a sheet plant with approximately 40 employees. We now specialise in transport packaging and present boxes. We can offer small series and listen to our customers requests. This means we have to be flexible and fast in our workshop and need equipment that allows us to move quickly. Now after 39 years in production, we exchanged our former Simca 3020 with a new Simca 3020. The new Simca 3020 can do special arrangements of stitches because of its servo-drive technology. It can  glue and can also stitch and glue together. The machine is quickset and can produce up to 6,000 boxes per hour. I hope that this machine will be in production also for 39 years and the next generation can still work with it.”

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