SIG-VCS Tandem bundler is new

Signode has introduced its latest innovation for the corrugated industry, the SIG-VCS Tandem automatic bundler system. It combines the power of two squaring bundlers connected with dual zone conveyors to meet the demands of modern flexo folder gluers with inline bundle breakers and operating at speeds up to 36 bundles per min.

Box manufacturers are looking for high speed bundling or in-line redundancy feature; the new system is fitted with dual coils and auto strap change and can be automatically taught a new bundle recipe in seconds.  It also has bundle diversion technology that sends all bundles to the active bundler during a coil change or while the other temporarily inactive bundler ‘fixes itself’ with the auto re-feed feature. Once the inactive bundler changes the coil or the successful re-feed corrects any misfeed; the inactive bundler will come back online automatically and share the workload with the active bundler.

The icon-drive HMI allows operators to quickly set up a new recipe with a few taps of the screen. Other enhancements to the software include maintenance troubleshooting tools such as a tracing feature, simple strapping system checks, an event list and many more. The new chute technology improves on previous generation of UHMW chutes by using a segmented chute where the gates are covered by a lifetime warranty.

“We have been listening to our customers who are eager for a bundling system that maximises high speed bundling capabilities and minimises production interruptions,” says Mike Stein,Vice President of Marketing & Product Management for Signode’s Automation & Packaging Technologies group. “The SIG-VCS Tandem achieves these goals and provides box plant operations with high performance, simple maintenance and increased uptime for bundling.”


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