Siegwerk offers new UV offset ink series

Siegwerk is now offering a new sustainable UV offset ink series for non-food paper and board applications: SICURA Litho Pack ECO. The new product range is formulated with a high bio-renewable content, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to standard UV inks.

The formulation of the new SICURA Litho Pack ECO series consists of more than 40% of renewable and vegetable-based components showing a four times higher share of bio-renewable content than the average standard UV ink. Furthermore, the series is free of TMPTA, Benzophenone as well as CMR CAT. 1 and CMR Cat. 2 components. It is a low odour ink series and especially designed for all kinds of paper and board substrates. SICURA Litho Pack ECO is suitable for all non-food packaging applications where special attention is paid to the packaging’s environmental impact and circularity. The series shows excellent ink performance and a high colour strength. Next to high dot gain sharpness and an excellent flowability, Siegwerk’s new UV offset range offers a very stable ink/water balance even during long runs as well as a good film flexibility for post-processing. The product range contains four colour process inks according to ISO, Pantone colours, base inks, special colours as well as flexo OPV.

“With SICURA Litho Pack ECO we deliver once again on our commitment to drive the change towards a Circular Economy by supporting the development of circular packaging with innovative and eco-friendly inks and coatings,” says Mustafa Guler, Vice President BU Sheetfed EMEA, Siegwerk. “With 40% bio-renewable content, it is not only comparable to certain conventional oil-based inks, but it also represents a new eco-friendly alternative for UV offset printing. Its formulation is particularly designed for recycling and therefore for not impacting the recyclability of paper and board substrates at all.”

Test runs regarding the series’ deinkability are currently under way to further determine its potential to also improve recycling of UV-printed paper and board packaging.

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