Siegwerk and Idealliance partner to offer G7® Training & Certification

Siegwerk recently entered into a partnership with Idealliance and will co-host ‘G7® Expert Live Online Training & Certification‘ courses, enabling Siegwerk to directly train its customers in Idealliance’s universal calibration methodology for achieving a visual similarity across all print processes.

“Visual colour consistency across all marketing media of a brand – whether online or print – is key for a successful brand recognition,” explains Kiran Deshpande, Global Senior Expert Colour Management at Siegwerk. “The control of consistent colour across several media channels confronts print service providers with a variety of challenges based on different printing types, substrates, process issues and corresponding varying ink requirements. Here, a uniform colour management process based on the G7® methodology offers brand owners a proven concept to ensure an effective quality management even throughout a complex print supply chain. Under the new partnership, Siegwerk’s certified G7® Experts will now help to qualify leading providers of print, creative and pre-press services in the G7® methodology by offering G7® Master Qualifications through Idealliance for its customers worldwide.”

“Brand owners care about print quality more than ever before and are asking print partners to utilise standards to achieve visual brand continuity across entire global packaging supply chains,” said Mike Grady, Vice President of Global Partnerships at Idealliance. “G7® Experts and the team at Siegwerk play a critical role helping print suppliers simplify workflow processes, save time and meet the needs of global print quality programs through G7® Master Qualification.”

“Being able now to offer our customers the Idealliance’s training programs, supported by Siegwerk’s own certified G7® Experts is a key milestone for us to further widen our global colour management strategy called COLORWERK,” explains Deshpande. “It is one of our Process Management and Consulting services with which Siegwerk supports customers in increasing transparency, improving productivity, and realising cost savings to secure long-term sustainable development.”

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