Shenzhen Wonder and Dongfang Precision

On 15 February, 2022, Shenzhen Wonder and Dongfang Precision Group signed an equity cooperation agreement.

In this cooperation, through capital increase and equity cooperation, Shenzhen Wonder will cooperate with Dongfang Precision Group to create new achievements together. The two parties completed the signing of the cooperation agreement in the Shenzhen Wonder Shenzhen Conference Room.

Shenzhen Wonder was founded in 2011 by Zhao Jiang, Luo Sanliang and Li Yajun, and is committed to providing customers with environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, high cost performance in digital printing of corrugated board.┬áThe company’s equipment is exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, United States, Middle East, Latin America and other territories, with more than 1,300 printing machines operating in more than 80 countries and regions around the world. For the future, Shenzhen Wonder will help to drive the future of digital print, with the comprehensive support of Dongfang Precision Group.

Zhao Jiang, General Manager, Shenzhen Wonder, said, “The cooperation with Dongfang Precision Group will significantly enhance the brand and financial strength of Shenzhen Wonder, and further enhance our products and services. With the support of Dongfang Precision Group, Shenzhen Wonder will bring benefit for our customers, thanks to our rapidly expanding global footprint and provide better products and services to existing customers.”

Shenzhen Wonder has maintained rapid and steady growth since its establishment. It has successively launched multi pass scanning digital printers for small-batch printing on corrugated board, single pass high-speed digital printers for large, medium and small corrugated orders, and single pass high-speed digital printers for pre-printing of liners.

Through this cooperation with Shenzhen Wonder, Dongfang Precision Group has further deepened the layout of corrugated digital printing plate, and more firmly demonstrated to the market that Dongfang Precision Group is committed to promoting the digital revolution of the industry determination. In the future, Dongfang Precision Group will continue to increase the investment in equipment digitization and the intellectualization of the whole plant, provide the industry with more advanced and comprehensive intelligent factory overall solutions, and work with our customers to jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of the corrugated packaging industry.

Qiu Yezhi, Global President, Dongfang Precision Group, added, “We welcome Shenzhen Wonder to become a member of the Dongfang Precision Group family. As the pioneer of corrugated digital printing industry, Shenzhen Wonder has brought new vitality to the industry, new technology to customers, and better product experience to end users. In the future, Dongfang Precision Group will provide important resources and system platform for Shenzhen Wonder in market, product and management, and fully support Shenzhen Wonder to increase investment in technology research and development and market expansion. It is believed that this successful cooperation will realise the strong alliance and win-win cooperation, and make the digital territory of Dongfang Precision Group even more wonderful.”


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