Shanghai Huichang Flexo Technology Co Ltd choose Asahi

Asahi Photoproducts has confirmed that Shanghai Huichang Flexo Technology Co., Ltd., a repro house located in Shanghai, China, has recently installed Asahi’s AWP CleanPrint water-wash platemaking system, a processor capable of producing flexographic plates up to 1067 × 1524 mm.

The AWP™ water-wash processor works with an eco-balanced plate that doesn’t use VOC-based washout solvents in the platemaking process and emits less carbon dioxide than alternative systems. In addition, the high plate accuracy and excellent ink transfer properties of the AWP™-DEW CleanPrint water-wash flexo plate delivers improved quality and printing efficiency for flexographic printing companies.

“We introduced platemaking equipment to the Chinese market, including the Asahi Kasei’s AWP™ CleanPrint water-wash platemaking system, to provide flexo printing companies with high-quality plates in balance with the environment,” said Pinghui Ren, President, Shanghai Huichang Flexo Technology. “In China, environmental regulations are becoming more strict, and many companies need to take urgent action to be compliant. To assist them, we introduced a platemaking system that can produce water-wash plates up to 1067 × 1524 mm with a water-wash solution. These plates deliver high-quality print in harmony with the environment for companies that print on various substrates, including paper-based packaging and flexible packaging material, and we highly recommend them.”

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