Setting the highest standards in corrugated printing with 188 lines per inch!

Adara Pakkaus has really pushed the limits of flexographic print quality through ongoing collaboration with ink supplier Siegwerk, pre-press partner Marvaco, and Metsä Board, earning multiple print awards.

Focused on maximising efficiency and quality, and minimising the impact on environment, the partners achieved high-resolution printing in an ice cream cones packaging using a double coated white-top kraftliner (MetsäBoard Prime WKL, 125 gsm) as the top liner. The E-flute corrugated board, featuring uncoated MetsäBoard Natural WKL Bright 90 gsm for fluting and inner liner, resulted in packaging that is 8% lighter and up to 36% lower in climate impact than traditional solutions with recycled fibres.

The achievement was possible by combining printing skills and a high-quality kraftliner, explains Ilkka Harju, Packaging Services Director of Metsä Board.

Lari Seppälä, Head of Printing at Adara Pakkaus, considers the 188 lpi resolution a new world record, surpassing the usual maximum of 152 lpi (60 lpcm). This was made possible by the long-term collaboration and persistent development efforts. ECG printing expert Kai Lankinen emphasised that process printing with flat-top-dot plates and water-based inks reduces startup waste and ink consumption while maintaining quality.

Stefan Schneider, Key Account Manager Corrugated, Apex International, acknowledges the achievement as a world-class benchmark in corrugated post-printing. Nathalie Müller-Samson, Corporate Communications Manager at Siegwerk, also agrees, stating, “Our UniNATURE water-based inks can print at a high quality, but I haven’t seen this high resolution on post-print corrugated before.”

This co-creation project sets an example that flexographic printing quality is now on par with rotogravure and offset, eliminating the need to compare different methods: all can produce high quality. The differentiators in both quality and sustainability are the printing skills and substrate.

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