Seikodo Adds CrystalCleanConnect

Asahi Photoproducts has reported that Seikodo Corporation Co., Ltd. is the third company worldwide to install CrystalCleanConnect.

Seikodo Corporation was founded in 1959 and is expert in helping its trade customers create artwork suited for flexographic printing and preparing it for print to achieve the best possible printed quality.

“Prior to implementing CrystalCleanConnect, we were using solvent-wash plates,” explains Kaneko Osamu, Chief Procurement and Technology Officer. “We were looking for a better solution that would improve our sustainability, contribute to our goal of carbon neutrality, and improve our work environment. We were pleased to learn about CrystalCleanConnect, which met all of those requirements and more.”

Left to right: Tatsunori Okada (Digital Direct Flexo Group Manager/Director); Osamu Kaneko (Chief product and Technology Officer/ Director Project Planning Business Department Manager/ Kanto Factory Manager); Arata Ohnoko (Asahi sales Manager).

Osamu reports that in addition to its initial goals, with CrystalCleanConnect the company was able to transition from solvent-wash plates to Asahi’s AWP CleanPrint water-washable plates, while at the same time improving the overall quality of the plates it was producing, introducing improved production efficiency, and reducing both cost and waste.

“Moreover,” he adds, “by introducing CrystalCleanConnect, a fully automated system, we are able to find a solution to the less skilled labor market and missing young talent in our industry. CrystalCleanConnect represents, due to its level of automation, an important solution to maintain highquality platemaking output. All of this adds up to positioning flexography very competitively with offset and gravure for packaging printing.”

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