This latest addition is for the U.S. manufacturer's assembly and fulfillment arm

Vanguard Packaging announced its second facility expansion in 2019 at its primary production facility in Kansas City, Missouri. This comes on the heels of a January 2019 announcement of a 100,000 square foot expansion for the new Vanguard Digital production facility featuring the HP C500 high speed digital press.    

The latest addition is a 125,000 square foot expansion for Advanced Logistics & Fulfillment, the assembly and fulfillment arm of Vanguard. The company historically operates from a year-round base of 600,000 square feet to over 1,000,000 square feet in the second half of each year. The two full time space additions will now bring the year-round space total to 825,000 square feet in a four-building setting. Vanguard still expects a seasonal uptick to over 1,000,000 square feet of space again in 2019.  

“Consistent double-digit growth year after year has required us to keep ahead of space demands,” said Mark Mathes, CEO.

“Vanguard is one of the single largest dedicated display production facilities in the country,” said Justin Mathes, Director of Sales. “Our clients trust us with their growth opportunities. Part of that trust is founded on our willingness to expand to their future needs.” 

Vanguard currently operates facilities in Kansas City, Missouri, Bentonville, Arkansas and St Louis, Missouri. Production facilities also include Advanced Logistics & Fulfillment as well as Great Plains Packaging both in Kansas City.