Second Emmepi unit for SIBO in Germany

Alex Steinmüller of SCS GmbH has confirmed the successful startup of another Emmepi strapping centre in Germany. This fully automatic line recognises all incoming pallets and pile structures and decides which strapping-process is best.

The line was installed at family owned SIBO Verpackungen Bernd Hesse GmbH in Kreuztal. Mr Hesse, the owner of SIBO, said, “It was important to get rid of this bottleneck, without losing our flexibility. This new Emmepi solution is already our second unit and was designed especially for big stacks.”

He concluded, “This Emmepi solution is equipped with three lances for speciality strappings and has a second stop for mid-height piles to ensure a safe cycle time. We had to install the new Emmepi close to one wall and asked for special customised safety fences, based on the fact that our working space in this area is limited.”


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