SCS success in Germany with JINGOU boxmaker

As part of a new partnership, SCS GmbH and JINGOU Packaging Machinery & Co Ltd have successfully completed their first joint installation of a boxmaker in the Berlin area. This innovative machine is equipped with a mirrored flexo printing unit and a 2800 x 300mm die-cutting unit, thus offering a wide range of applications.

“The cooperation between SCS GmbH and JINGOU Packaging Machinery aims to support small and medium-sized as well as big companies to produce individual products effectively, quickly and easily. Both companies bring their expertise to the partnership to develop high-quality and efficient solutions for the packaging industry,” said Alex Steinm├╝ller, SCS GmbH. “The machine installed in Berlin is characterised by its advanced flexo printing technology, which enables precise and high-quality printing results. This is complemented by a full-width die-cutting unit that can produce a wide range of formats and designs quickly and efficiently. This combination of printing and die-cutting technology enables users to create customised packaging solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing in just a few simple steps.”

He continues, “The customer initially expressed concerns about the boxmaker’s ability to produce small boxes. Given the size of the machine, it seemed unlikely that it would be able to provide the precision and flexibility required for smaller packaging. However, shortly after installation it became apparent that the concerns were unfounded. The 2800mm machine impressed with its versatility. The machine not only handled the production of large packaging with ease, but also proved to be efficient in the production of small boxes. The advanced technology and precise control allowed for quick adaptation to different formats and sizes, which pleasantly surprised the customer.”



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