Scodix Investment at GSB Digital

Scodix confirms that they have sold and installed a Scodix Ultra Pro with Foil digital enhancement press to GSB Digital. This trade service provider, based in the New York metro area for more than 25 years, has earned a distinguished reputation for designing and producing unprecedented digital innovation that exceeds client expectations.

The feature that the production team is most excited about is personalised projects using foil. “There are some elements of the Scodix finishing process that just cannot feasibly be replicated in a traditional process. Specifically, the capability to produce variable foil applications,” says Jessica Andersen (Marketing Director). “The ability to provide personalised foil treatments is really going to be attractive to our current customer base, as well as to a host of new clients. This feature by itself will help us reach deeper into the market and provide a unique revenue stream.”

The Scodix Foil Station, which is an optional module GSB Digital chose to include in their configuration, runs in-line with the Scodix Ultra Pro, delivering unmatched foil enhancement capabilities. It deploys a wide range of hot and cold industry-standard foil films, coupled with a variety of substrates and processes, including offset, digital, plastics, laminated/non-laminated, and coated and uncoated options.

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