Scodix for Schätzl

Scodix has confirmed the sale of an Ultra Pro™ Digital Enhancement Press with Foil Station to German print service provider, Schätzl. The press will join an already impressive array of digital printing equipment at its Donauwörth facility in southern Germany, one of five sites across Europe.

To be used primarily for enhancing greeting cards and packaging, the new Ultra Pro with Foil press will support Schätzl in realising its desired market position. As more and more companies look to adopt the benefits of digital enhancement, Schätzl is ahead of the curve and looking to capitalise on the advantages of being an early adopter. “Our aim is to be a high-end PSP for digitally printed products and to act as an economic hub across continental Europe,” explains Ulrich Schätzl, CEO. “After assuring our position in the digital print segment, the next step is towards a solid position in digital enhancement. There is no doubt that we will be able to achieve this with our new Scodix Ultra Pro with Foil, which will provide products for all senses to satisfy and exceed our customers’ wishes.”

With an ethos for constant improvement over its 35-years, Schätzl recently modernized its Donauwörth print facility and saw digital enhancement as an obvious next step. Focusing on quality, reliability and service, Schätzl selected Scodix technology after rigorous testing. Scodix’ highly regarded service team based in DACH was also able to satisfy Schätzl`s expectations in terms of customer service, availability and flexibility.

“Our customers and their expectations are near and dear to us. We don’t want to just meet expectation but exceed it. Now we turn our attention to digital enhancement and the Scodix Ultra Pro will be key to our success, providing products for all the senses. It’s a challenge to find products that surprise and delight, but with the run lengths now possible and the variety of applications and quality of finish provided by the Scodix Ultra Pro, I believe we’ll be able to do that over and over for more of our customers than ever before,” states Schätzl.

Ulrich Schätzl with Frank Repp

L to R: Ulrich Schätzl with Franz Repp, DACH Sales Director at Scodix

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