Scodix appoints Rädler

Scodix continues to build its presence in Europe with the appointment of Rädler to its global network of sales organisations. Rädler is a well-established supplier of pre-press, printing and post-press equipment across Germany. “Scodix is a pioneer in digital print enhancement and they have the right approach to meet demand in such a fast-paced market,” comments Wolfgang Rädler, Managing Director of Rädler. “Scodix is offering the right products at the right time for the German market. Scodix Digital Enhancement Presses can be used for a wide field of applications and the quality is second-to-none. In addition, with its cost-effectiveness, our customers have the chance to increase revenues and earn healthy margins. The ROI is short compared to analogue or other digital production, so we’re looking forward to exposing our customer base to the latest digital enhancement solutions.”

Franz Repp, DACH Sales Director at Scodix, concludes, “The appointment of Rädler supplements the Scodix business with extensive local expertise for promoting products in the region and also offers a level of consultancy and know-how that will ensure customers are extremely well advised and supported. Rädler is dedicated to digital enhancement of the printed product and we look forward to working together to meet growing demand.”

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