Schumacher Packaging links up with BHS Corrugated for digital printing

The Schumacher Packaging Group has confirmed it is taking on the RSR ® printer (RSR ® Roll to printed Sheet in Real Time) from BHS Corrugated. This newly developed, highly efficient digital printing machine is the result of a long-term development cooperation between  BHS Corrugated Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH and Schumacher Packaging.

The high printing speed of up to 300m per min and the fully automated process flow significantly increase the productivity in the manufacturing of corrugated packaging, compared to the traditional process with flexographic printing. In addition, the printing phase precedes the production of corrugated board, which reduces costs in the event of a misprint.

Up to now, printing has limited the process speed when processing corrugated board. “We have eliminated this stumbling block,” explains Björn Schumacher, Managing Director of the Schumacher Packaging Group. “Our new digital printing machine works at printing speeds of 100 to 300m per minute. We have therefore significantly increased the capacities for further processing steps such as die-cutting, gluing and palletising.”

Another special feature of the new system is that it changes the previous process sequence; first the printing takes place, then the corrugated board is produced. Both the digital printing machine and the corrugator come from the same manufacturer, allowing for coordination with one another and seamless communication between the systems and with the inventory control system via optimally adapted interfaces. A defect detection system integrated in both machines ensures that only defect-free corrugated packaging reaches the subsequent production stages.

Schumacher Packaging attaches great importance to sustainability and environmental protection. “It was clear to us at the beginning of the development work that the digital printing machine would only use water-based consumables in every work step, from pre-coating to painting,” emphasises Schumacher. “In addition, the printing inks used comply with the Swiss Consumer Goods Ordinance and the Nestlé Guidance Note on Packaging Inks.”

He concludes, “With the RSR® printer, we have now digitised the entire manufacturing process in the corrugated board area. We are convinced that digital printing is the technology of the future for corrugated packaging. On the one hand, this is the only way to meet the ever increasing demands of customers and consumers for high-quality packaging. On the other hand, it can also be used to economically implement small print runs. Thanks to the fully automated processes, we have further improved productivity and are setting new standards in terms of quality.”

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