Sappi and HP Indigo join forces to advance the use of paper in the packaging market

Sappi and HP Indigo recently announced that they’ve joined forces to meet the needs of a changing world. A paper-based packaging solution for soup, that renders additional special coatings or laminations superfluous was successfully verified for the HP Indigo digital printing.

“With our innovative functional paper packaging solutions we are offering a sustainable material based on renewable sources that can be recycled in the paper stream,” explains René Köhler, Head of New Business Development Packaging Solutions, Division Innovation & Sustainability, at Sappi Europe. This sustainable approach also extends to the various integrated functions of Sappi’s functional papers, such as barrier properties and heat-seal ability.

HP Indigo took over the elaborate design of the soup pouches. At its Graphic Experience Center in Barcelona, the 3-side-seal soup pouches (130 mm x 86 mm) were given their individual design. The team developed the artwork for the pouches and six different and unique designs, that leverage HP Indigo’s proprietary variable data printing (VDP) capabilities, came to life to meet the soups’ different vegetable flavours.

Guard Gloss 4-OHG, used in the soup packaging, is one of Sappi’s cutting-edge products. The glossy paper features a functional high barrier against oxygen, water vapour, grease, mineral oil and aroma, and is coated on one side. The heat-sealable material is recyclable and based on more than 80% renewable sources. “Over 80% of the high-barrier paper’s materials originate from renewable sources. The paper-based packaging solution makes additional special coatings or laminations redundant and the materials can be recycled in the paper stream,” highlights Kathrin Böhmüller, Sappi’s Sales Support Manager Consumer Goods and Self Adhesives.

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