Saica relies on Voith’s OnEfficiency.Strength to save starch

Saica has selected Voith to install the OnEfficiency.Strength digital solution. The innovative package for saving starch and consequently reduce CO2 emissions will be used at PM 10 at the El Burgo de Ebro site (Spain) as well as the PM 70 at Nogent-sur-Seine site (France).

OnEfficiency.Strength is a solution developed specifically for paper production. The application is already successfully in operation worldwide. Especially after raw material costs have risen significantly, there is an increasing need for intelligent solutions that quickly reduce production costs.

Once installed at Saica, OnEfficiency.Strength will monitor key quality parameters and automatically adjusts starch application to the paper as well as other process and machine settings to customer requirements. Saica can save starch significantly. In addition, the solution increases the precision and reliability of the process, reduces manual handling and is easy to operate. Thanks to OnEfficiency.Strength, the current values for strength properties can be viewed in real time rather than only being available with manual sampling. In addition, the solution has the potential to reduce steam consumption and thus CO2 emissions as well as to ensure quality throughout the value chain.

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