Saica Group acts as Aragón’s Ambassador in Ohio

At a ceremony held recently, Saica Group acted as Aragón’s ambassador to the state of Ohio. Ramón Alejandro, president of Saica Group, handed over commemorative coins that the Government of Aragón granted to the Government of Ohio, after the agreement signed between these two regions last May. At the same time, Sara Zeigler, Deputy Chief of the Ohio Office of Export and International Engagement, gave to Ramón Alejandro commemorative coins that the state of Ohio awarded the region of Aragón.

Left to right: Sara Zeigler (Deputy Chief of the Ohio Office of Export and International Engagement) and Ramón Alejandro (President, Saica Group).

In line with what was expressed during the signing in Zaragoza, Ramón Alejandro recalled the permanent purpose of the group. “We want to contribute to the development of the communities in which we operate. This is what we like to think happens in Aragon”, he declared. “We give our deepest gratitude for the support received from the US local authorities, Saica Group’s employees with their hard work and commitment, and finally, the Government of Aragon, always supporting Saica in its endeavours.”

Sara Zeigler echoed the words of the Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine. “This agreement will be mutually beneficial for both Ohio and Aragon, as we have many economic sectors in common, particularly automotive. I want to thank Ramon Alejandro for choosing Ohio for his first facility in North America and for suggesting that we strengthen our economic ties.”

“Ohio has a growing relationship with Aragón, and this agreement will take our partnership to a new level,” said Lydia Mihalik, director of the Ohio Department of Development. “We look forward to strengthening our cooperation for the benefit both of our economies.”

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