Safetech continues to expand

Safetech have had another successful year manufacturing and installing automatic personnel protection systems. “We thought that with the complications of Brexit and the pandemic, we wouldn’t be able to continue our business growth,” says Robert Smith, Managing Director. “But in fact, the company has continued to expand and we’re delighted that our new Guardian Ultra product is proving so popular. We’ve recently taken orders from the UK, Norway, Sweden, France, Canada and the USA.”

Safetech’s latest system features extensive upgrades, improvements and additions. A PL-d was achieved and validated by an independent test house. Sophisticated monitoring and diagnostics give immediate feedback to the operator.

The aerial frame which is mounted above the conveyor has been completely re-designed using glass-reinforced plastic. This new structure is lighter, stronger and can be configured to bridge any size of equipment. The versatile design allows material to pass without obstruction.

Although Guardian Ultra is a highly improved and refined system, the basic principle behind Safetech products has always been the same – to prevent injuries automatically and reliably. Guardian is suitable for protecting personnel in a wide range of processes, including applications in refuse recycling, paper, board, plastic and metal handling, and many manufacturing and engineering functions.


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