Safeguarding of supply at Marbach

Marbach supplies the worldwide packaging industry with cutting-dies and services all to do with packaging. Due to its international position, and its forward-looking strategy, Marbach is in the fortunate position of being able to supply its customers without restrictions – even in today’s currently difficult supply situation caused by the Corona pandemic and the Ukraine war.

Jan Brunner, Sales Manager, says, “At the moment we are facing an unprecedented challenge: many raw materials are becoming scarce, delivery times are getting longer and prices are rising in many areas. Our customers know us to be a reliable supplier of quality tools. Even during the difficult pandemic times, we have always been there for our customers, supplying them reliably and safely with our innovative technologies. Fortunately, we can say – in contrast to many other companies – that this will remain the case, in spite of the currently difficult supply situation for raw materials.”

So there will be no supply bottlenecks at Marbach in the short and medium term. This is because in recent months Marbach has restocked its warehouses with the most important raw materials for cutting-dies and increased capacities in all its plants. This is all the more important since Marbach also supplies the food and pharmaceutical industry with tools, and is therefore a vital part of the critical infrastructure.

Brunner continues, “Fortunately, we are not dependent on supplies from Russia or Ukraine. However, as with any die manufacturer, we also partly use birch wood from Russia for our dieboards. But here, too, we are on the safe side: thanks to our Marbach greenplate dieboard, we can more than compensate for uncertain supplies from Russia.”

This is because 30% of the greenplate consists of the primary raw material birch, while 70% of the plate is made of secondary material from ecologically sustainable forestry from regional woods. This structure of the greenplate ensures that considerably less birch wood needs to be used for a cutting-die than for conventional tools. This means 3 times as many tools can be made with the same amount of birch material: ensuring a secure supply of cutting-dies in the future.

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