Marbach supplies special tools

Marbach is well-known for its solutions that fulfil all requirements. In the field of rotary die-cutting of corrugated board, more and more is being invested in machines which use tools with active stripping technology. For this reason, the company has developed specially optimised tools designed for use on these rotary machines.

These precision rotary die-cutters employ a different technology than conventional machines. They have an integrated self-stripping system in which waste is stripped using ejector pins. This means that conventional tools do not meet the requirements and special rotary cutting-dies have to be used. These tools are complex to manufacture and must be of the highest precision.

Silvio Gruber explains, "We have supplied many customers with our new special tools. The customers report that their blanks are waste-free and that their rotary machines run at high speeds.

Another advantage of the new technology: die-cutting, folding and gluing are carried out in a single operation. Therefore the productivity of these rotary machines, in combination with the Marbach tool technology, is high.