Rondo reports 25-30% digital growth with SPC 130 investment

Rondo Group reports that it continues to achieve 25-30% annual digital growth, after the 2018 installation of the Koenig and Bauer Durst Delta SPC 130 investment at its facility in St. Ruprecht, Austria. In addition to the printer, Rondo also purchase the printing system including order and colour management.

“During Covid, we saw a growing demand for shorter lead times. With digital print, we are able to deliver quickly and the quality is quite good. The quality is close to what we’d expect with offset printing,” said Karl Pucher, Managing Director. .

The growth has been so significant that the company has decided to build a new facility dedicated to digital print. They expect to move to the new facility in August 2021. “We see huge potential in the machine and we believe in the technology,” said Pucher. “We are happy to work with the people at Koenig & Bauer Durst, and I highly recommend the system.”

Koenig and Bauer Durst recently announced new automation features for the Delta SPC 130 FlexLine Automatic that will ensure high productivity and can be integrated into existing customer workflows. Enhanced image quality and special effects, as well as cost reduction, are among the benefits from a new digital primer.

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