Robinson invests in new equipment for Paperbox division  

Chesterfield, UK-based Robinson has invested more than £500,000 in SATE equipment for its UK Paperbox division.

Demand has risen as more and more luxury goods manufacturers seek out UK based packaging suppliers for reliability of delivery and quality of product. Robinson says that it is becoming a solid choice amongst UK brands as a trusted local paperboard packaging supplier meeting sustainability commitments.

Dr Helene Roberts, CEO, Robinson, said, “We are leading the way and continually investing in technology to keep us at the forefront of the market. Working with some of the world’s leading brands to create their most impactful and appealing packaging is why we are now investing in SATE machinery to create the best packaging in the most sustainable way.”

The new equipment – based at the site in Chesterfield – offers huge advantages in terms of production and quality of the finished product with savings on fixed production costs, consistency and reliability, and ease of use and maintenance.

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