rlc Wins German Packaging Award

The German Packaging Institute has been presenting its annual awards for pioneering packaging ideas since 1963 in a cross-industry competition that includes all source material. One of this year’s coveted awards went to the rlc | packaging group for its innovative single-dispenser concept. According to the jury, the packaging solution awakens consumer interest and sets an example when it comes to convenience, hygiene and sustainability. ‘One Up’ offers manufacturers added potential to appeal to target groups on an emotional level.

Working in close collaboration with brandpack, the company’s in-house packaging design agency, the rlc | packaging group creates innovative solutions to make specific industry products stand out at the POS. This approach resulted in the “One Up” packaging concept. Through a simple up and down movement of the inner carton, the product pops up one by one. Package contents are perfectly dispensed in an easy, hygienic way. This versatile packaging concept is suitable for confectionary products, including button-shaped chocolates and hard candy, as well as for lozenges and tablets sold in the pharmaceutical/OTC sector. According to brandpack Managing Partner, Andreas Schabert, “Carrying convenience and hygienic handling are two product requirements that significantly influenced our development of the packaging design. A powerful product presence at the point of sale and the ability to surprise consumers over and over again were also key factors.” Another advantage of the packaging concept is the additional space for further communication and creative advertising messages appears when the inner part is raised. Unlike conventional single dispenser systems made of plastic, such as those used for artificial sweeteners, ‘One Up’ packaging is manufactured from 100% renewable materials. Both the outer shell and inner section containing the product are cartonboard. Despite an elaborate appearance, the interior construction is injection molded from fiber-based, food-safe, PaperFoam and is biodegradable. Along with a unique user experience, the single-material packaging guarantees eco-sustainable disposal in line with customer demands.

One up

The ‘One Up’ concept from the rlc | packaging group won the German Packaging Award for “Functionality & Convenience”

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