RH Fibreboard install JLJ solution

RH Fibreboard Containers Ltd, the Somerset-based corrugated board plant, has recently installed a new JLJ Group fully packaged JLJ FP-500 P skid mounted effluent plant to treat their flexographic ink washdown waste water. Having been commissioned recently, the JLJ FP-500 P unit is operating exactly as required, removing all the metals in solution, suspended solids and controlling the PH level of the production printing washdown water. The treated water (filtrate) from the JLJ plant complies with the Local Water Authority’s environmental limits and is then discharged to sewer.

Operations Manager at RH Fibreboard, Sean Baxter, says, “Since awarding JLJ with the project of dealing with our wash water waste, I have been extremely impressed with the performance, ease of operation and consistent quality of the Filtrate from the process. From the initial negotiations right through to the final commissioning and handover, all the JLJ Group personnel were professional, thorough and yet made it easy to ensure that the plant met our exact requirements while still offering a competitive commercially viable package.”


The JLJ FP-500P effluent treatment plants are:

  • Manufactured at JLJ’s factory in Cheshire as fully packaged, skid mounted units incorporating complete chemical treatment system, process tank, special filter plate press, control panel;
  • Pre-piped and wired ready for operation;
  • Designed to coagulate and flocculate the suspended solids and metals out of solution and control the PH level in the washdown waste water (effluent) prior to the filtration cycle;
  • Although the units are standard, each one is bespoke made to suit individual requirements (typically, a 50 litre sample of production waste water effluent allows JLJ to offer a pre-order testing to confirm the efficiency of the system);
  • Manufactured in a wide range of sizes to treat volumes from as little as 1000 litres.

“With our well proven chemical treatment regime we have used for over 25 years and filtration by standard special filter plate presses, the JLJ FP-500P plants are economical to purchase, operate and easy to maintain,” says Adam James of JLJ Group. For more information, contact [email protected]

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