RH Fibreboard make board from crop waste

Across the globe, corrugated producers are carrying out sustainability projects, trying to make corrugated board from substances other than paper-based material – and this year, RH Fibreboard have been trying something quite special off its own corrugator. The company has run trials successfully and have produced board which is predominantly made of agricultural crop waste.

Paper and board as a packaging type already has incredible credentials of being a renewable, reusable, recyclable and compostable resource. This new partnership with EnvoPAP and Test Valley Packaging extends a sustainable offering that’s already there. Exploring, producing and marketing the supply of other environmental packaging types with a lower carbon footprint supporting farmers from developing communities truly supports a circular economy.

The understanding is that these are some of the first reels of agricultural waste products to be put on a corrugator, the first sheets of board produced and the first boxes to be printed and die-cut in the UK. RH Fibreboard now join manufacturers from Germany and Poland with this capability.

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