Reverse-cutting made easy

Marbach is known for its innovative technologies that make life easier for the user. One of these is the split anvil, which ensures that packaging can be equipped with elegant and functional opening mechanisms.

In reverse-cutting, the paperboard material is not punched through, but is scored from both sides at an offset position. This creates a special tear-open mechanism that is becoming increasingly popular for both folding cartons and corrugated packaging. The fact that the material only has to be scored means that maximum precision is required. In order to make the tool ready for reverse-cutting quickly and precisely, Marbach has a special technology: the height-adjustable anvil, which, thanks to its special design, ensures precision when setting up tools with reverse-cutting.

Bernhard Reisser, Industry Manager, Marbach, explains, “Our split anvil in the cardboard packaging sector has a continuous design in the die-board. Between the two layers, which are precision-milled from aluminium, there are make-ready foils with which each individual anvil can be quickly and easily adjusted in height and optimally set. For our customers, this means simple handling and thus reduced set-up times, maximum accuracy and a stable scoring result over the entire run. For optimal functioning tear mechanisms.”

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