Resource Efficiency award

Mosca has been honoured as one of ‘100 Companies for Resource Efficiency’ for its new pallet strapping machine. The award, from the University of Stuttgart – The Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences, was in recognition of the machine’s advanced technology and contribution to energy resource.

The Mosca Pallet Strapper uses state-of-the-art technology to reduce both energy consumption and volume of strapping material used. As well as manufacturing the machine, Mosca uses it to pack and transport its own products from its factory in Germany.

“Sustainability is an integral part of our company philosophy as a technology leader for strapping solutions,” explains Timo Mosca, CEO of Mosca. “Our focus is on continuously optimising our production processes and saving resources.”

The award was presented by Franz Untersteller, Environment Minister for Baden-Württemberg, at the Resource Efficiency and Recycling Economy Congress in Karlsruhe.

L to R: CEO, Timo Mosca and CTO, Jürgen Beisel, accept the award from Baden-Württemberg’s environment minister, Franz Untersteller.

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