Reproflex3 enjoys flexible plate production with imaging technology from XSYS

Almost five years after first investing in a ThermoFlexX 80-D from XSYS, Reproflex3 reflects on the quality, speed and flexibility of this flexo plate imaging solution. The UK pre-press company is now using these capabilities to support its move into the high-quality corrugated post-print market.

“The decision to install the ThermoFlexX TFxX 80-D was taken at a time when we were seeing an increase in demand for premium flexo plates in larger sizes for wide web printing of flexible packaging,” explains Gavin Lowes, Global Manufacturing Manager, Reproflex3. “The trend for faster turnaround was also accelerating, so we were keen to speed up our plate production. We believed that the dual head ThermoFlexX TFxX ­­80-D was the best solution on the market for meeting those needs, and we have not been disappointed.”

Today Reproflex3 also has offices in Dubai, Mumbai and New Zealand. Partnerships have extended the company’s reach, and most recently a deal was signed with ARC International to bring the new VORTEX technology to the US corrugated market.

“We specialise in providing innovative flexographic pre-press solutions that relate to every touch point in the packaging development journey, from design to final print production,” says Lowes. “To that end, we rely on the most advanced technology in the industry. The ThermoFlexX imager offers us a quicker and more sustainable approach that helped optimise our workflow.”

He continues, “The ThermoFlexX imager and our partnership with XSYS continue to be a vital part of our growth. We are now moving into the corrugated post-print market, and the team is relying on the flexibility and high-quality output of the imager to deliver plates that will enable customers to seize the moment and benefit from opportunities in that sector.”

The largest of the imagers in the product line, the ThermoFlexX TFxX 80-D is ideal for this new venture. Handling the very large plate sizes used in corrugated printing without causing damage can be a challenge. The answer is the adjustable ThermoFlexX Flextray, a mobile table which facilitates the easy transport and handling of plates, while also protecting the operator’s health and safety. To address this market, Reproflex3 is leveraging the superior imaging quality of the ThermoFlexX to bring to market its new Vortex solution, which will give printers the tools to produce sharper graphics at higher screen levels with excellent solid ink coverage on corrugated board.

“There is a big opportunity to improve print results in the corrugated post-print market. Brand owners are crying out for faster turnaround, complete colour consistency and lower costs,” says Lowes. “We have used the ThermoFlexX imager as an essential part of our new print solution for that market. With Vortex, high quality jobs can be moved from pre-print or digital to post-print flexo, which is much more cost efficient.”


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