Repeat Order from Compañia Industrial Corrugadora Guatemala

In 2018, Fosber installed an S/Line 350 at Compañia Industrial Corrugadora Guatemala SA. This 2.5m machine comprised of a doublewall wet-end and double level dry-end and produces B and C flute board as well as CB doublewall.

Now, Fosber are about to complete the installation of a brand new S/Line 370 line, comprising a doublewall wet-end and double level dry-end, again in a 2.5m format.

Compañia Industrial Corrugadora Guatemala SA is an interesting business in the region, because they run three complete corrugators in one plant. These machines produce about 25,000 tons per month of corrugated board. The company is also one of the largest manufacturers of corrugated boxes in Central America, serving the agricultural, industrial and commercial markets. One specialty of this plant is the manufacture of corrugated boxes for the export of bananas, melons, other fruits and vegetables.

Established in February 1967 in Guatemala, the company has been operating in Bananera, Morales, Izabal since 1968. It uses state-of-the-art equipment for board production, printing and converting, serving the Central American region and the South of Mexico. This plant is the largest in the Galindo Group. Its facilities cover more than 70,000 sqm and it has more than 900 employees.


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