Reno de Medici to close Blendecques mill

It has been widely reported that Reno de Medici is to cease cartonboard production in France.

The company said it plans to close its recycled cartonboard mill located in Blendecques, resulting in the loss of 176 jobs. The mill produces about 140,000 tonnes per year of coated and uncoated recycled cartonboard.

It has been no secret that the mill has been facing difficulties for some time, particularly since a serious fire disrupted the site for almost a year, in March 2022. To compund issues, a serious flood at the site further curtailed output in 2023.

“RDM Group has made efforts to relaunch Blendecques, making significant investments following the fire in March 2022, but this has not been enough. The situation is no longer economically sustainable. The site’s production costs are too high, and its production capacity too low, to enable it to remain competitive in a European market,” the company said in a statement.

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