Rengo begins construction of new plant, with ¥14 bn investment

Rengo has confirmed that it has begun construction of its Ehime Toon plant in Toon-shi, Ehime Prefecture.

Rengo’s Matsuyama plant (Matsuyama-shi, Ehime Prefecture) has operated as a corrugated board plant in Shikoku since 1960. However, a portion of its land has been expropriated to co-operate with the Matsuyama Outer Ring Road airport line improvement project. As a result, the company decided to construct a new plant and relocate it to the Takubo Industrial Park in Toon-shi.

As the new plant is located approximately 200m from the Toon Smart Interchange of the Matsuyama Expressway (which is to be completed in 2024) and has favorable logistics, Rengo said it expects it to further strengthen the Group’s collaboration and supply system throughout Shikoku. The new plant will also be equipped with solar power generation, LNG satellite, and other facilities to reduce CO2 emissions, as stated in the Group’s environmental targets Eco Challenge 2030, as well as aim to improve productivity through the use of digital technology.

The site is 65,000 sqm in size and the bulding area will cover 28,200 sqm. The investment is around ¥14 bn (US$100m) and it is expected to come online in January 2024.

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