Renewable Energy For Coveris Pirtó

In line with Coveris’ ‘No Waste’ vision and sustainability efforts, Coveris Pirtó, the Group’s CEE hub in Hungary, has switched to 100% renewable energy.

Now, from the beginning of 2022, the Hungarian plant is using 100% energy from renewable resources, including biomass and solar energy. As the local management argues, the decision to switch to sustainable production was not an easy step but a necessary action on the path to a sustainable future.

“Switching to green energy leads to decreased CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. As a result of this sustainability action the emissions are reduced by approximately 700,000 kg CO2, which allowed Coveris Pirtó to eliminate our Scope 2 emissions to zero,” explained Gabriella Papp, Managing Director, Coveris Pirtó. ​​​​​​​


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