Remprint adds Lamina GL

At the beginning of the year, Czech Republic-based Remprint installed a Lamina Gluer GL gluing machine from the Lamina System AB.

The Lamina Gluer gluing machine added to the company’s machine park by increasing the production capacity and speeding up the processing of orders.

Left to right: Peter Juck  (Remprint), Tarmo Karjalainen (Lamina) and René Ebner (owner of Remprint).

Remprint is a focused on commercial printing, large-scale digital printing and packaging production. The company manufactures a wide range of packaging products, from boxes, shipping boxes to POS materials. The goal of the investment is to improve and automate the production process for their packaging solutions.

The Lamina Gluer GL offers versatility, automation and increases flexibility. The machine is ideal for the company because it provides high accuracy and reliability in gluing, which guarantees higher quality and strength of packaging. Thanks to the new adhesive, the company can efficiently manage even larger volumes of production and comply with quality requirements. Due to its ability to create strong bonding and adaptability to different materials, the machine can be adapted to different needs and applications of specific customers. In addition, the automation of the process will significantly reduce the share of manual work.

The machine was delivered and the installation was handled by Koenig & Bauer (CEE), which represents the Lamina in the Czechoslovak region.


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