ReLife Group confirms new names

ReLife Group has confirmed the new name of its production divisions, starting from 1 February 2022.

The branding involves ReLife Recycling, a company specialising in the collection and treatment of municipal and industrial solid waste; ReLife Paper Mill, which produces cardboard and paperboard using paper-based secondary raw material, that also comes from the ReLife Recycling plants; ReLife Paper Packaging, one of Italy’s leading producers of corrugated sheets and boxes, mainly made from recycled paper; ReLife Plastic Packaging, effective in its industry in the recycling process of industrial waste and sorted post-consumer waste, which produces plastic bags and packaging, mainly through the use of regenerated material.

Within the four divisions, the companies Valfreddana, Usvardi, Ecolfer and Benassi take on a single company name: ReLife Recycling. Plastipoliver and Cartiera Bosco Marengo become respectively ReLife Plastic Packaging and ReLife Paper Mill. Lastly, General Packaging takes on the new name of ReLife Plastic Packaging.

 The change of name marks the transition from the local dimension of individual companies to that of production divisions of a national player, ready to compete at an international level in the circular economy sector, through the production of sustainable packaging, such as boxes and recycled film, obtained from the collection and transformation of reusable waste.

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