Reelvision manufacture cartons for dispensing Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

Reelvision Print has produced folding cartons, available for NHS trusts across the UK, to make the distribution of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine more manageable. Arriving in large batches, the new carton splits the vaccine into 15 vials making the dispensary of it throughout hospitals and NHS trusts more straightforward.

Working with Cardiff’s St. Mary’s Hospital first, Reelvision received the carton design on a Thursday for it to be delivered the Monday after – just three working days from start to finish.

Rhys Oats, Senior Pharmacy Technician at St Mary’s Hospital said, “We’re dealing with large batches of the vaccine and we needed a carton to dispense down to a more manageable size. Reelvision Print has been brilliant in helping us distribute this vaccine quickly, an urgent requirement for this specific vaccine’s storing requirements, producing cartons for us in a few short days after receiving a design and brief – ready to go for us at the start of the week.”

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