RDM Group to increase GD production by 200,000 tonnes

RDM Group has decided to expand its GD production capacity by up to 200,000 tonnes over the next three years in order to support the growth of its customers and the market.

This will be achieved through capacity expansion at the existing mills, including Blendecques (pictured below) which is scheduled to restart early 2023, as well as reallocation of other product volumes thanks to RDM Group’s multi-mill concept.

RDM Group says the European demand for GD board has been growing for the last 18 months. In addition to the effects of the pandemic on the supply chain and its challenges, RDM Group believes that this growing demand is linked to a change in structural factors, such as plastic substitution, relocation of activities from the Far East, and also increased use of recycled material in packaging. The company says that at the same time, production capacity has generally reduced in Europe, creating major tensions in the supply chain, and in some cases disruption, negatively impacting the packing industry operations.


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